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About Paul G. O’Toole

Paul O’Toole is a third generation attorney. Many of his family members, including his wife, are engaged in the practice of law. Paul O’Toole grew up in Oak Lawn, Illinois and many of his neighbors, friends, and coaches were hard working members of the Chicago area unions. He developed his passion for representing the working people of the Chicago area against big business and insurance companies when one of his former athletic coaches was struck with an occupational disease that took his life. This tragedy created Paul’s passion to represent the hard working people of his community against corporate America. Paul began his legal career as a Judicial Clerk for the Honorable Judge James Murphy. As a law clerk, he was exposed to and participated in the largest complex cases in the Circuit Court of Cook County. After completing his clerkship for Judge Murphy, he was hired by one of the nation’s most prestigious personal injury law firms. During his tenure at the firm, he actively worked on catastrophic injury cases of the most egregious nature. Thereafter, Paul spent seventeen years as an attorney at one of the oldest plaintiff’s personal injury law firms in the city of Chicago. During his seventeen years, he served as the lead counsel on the firm’s most complex matters, resolving them through settlements or verdicts. Mr. O’Toole’s results have been consistently featured in the annual reports of the top settlements and verdicts. Additionally, his cases have been featured on many media outlets, such as Fox news with Larry Yellon. In 2010, Mr. O’Toole brought his near twenty-five years of experience to the Law Firm which bares his name, Salvato, O’Toole & Froylan.

Bar Admission and Education

  • Illinois State Bar
  • Northern District of Illinois
  • Graduate of Marquette University in 1986
  • Graduate of The John Marshall Law School in 1990
  • Village of Clarendon Hills Zoning Board
  • ABA Delegate
  • ISBA General Assembly Person
  • Judicial Clerk for the Honorable James Murphy

Recent Settlements

  • $2.9 million for and IDOT worker who was struck while changing a tire on the side of the road by a tractor trailer.
  • $2.7 million dollar settlement injuries sustained from a construction crane collapse
  • $2.45M Union Taper tripped over an electrical conduit leading to two surgeries to the shoulder and one to the knee.
  • $2.25M Union roofer, while cutting a hole in the roof, falls to his death.
  • $1.25M Union Machine Operator tripped on a job site while descending from a bulldozer. His ankle suffered severe injury, resulting in surgery.
  • $835,000 Sixty-two year old woman developed dropped foot after she was rear ended by a semi tractor trailer.
  • $750,000 medical practice settlement against hospital for negligence.
  • $625,000 settlement with waiver of workers’ compensation lien for a construction injury where a union roofer was knocked down 15 feet from a dumpster.
  • $1.985 million settlement for Union Bricklayer who was hit by a six foot piece of rebar that fell through a shaft.
  • $98,789 verdict for auto accident where the offer to settle was $2,500.
  • $425,000 settlement for rear end auto accident where client had shoulder surgery.
  • $750,000 settlement for client who was rear ended by a snow plow and required back surgery.

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People who are injured by the negligence of others are often legally entitled to compensation for their losses. Among the types of damages available in many Illinois personal injury cases are those for medical expenses, lost income, loss of future earning potential, property damage, and loss of enjoyment of life, among others. The Chicago personal injury attorneys of Salvato, O’Toole & Froylan have been helping victims of preventable accidents recover for their injuries since 2010 and have recovered multiple settlements in excess of one million dollars on behalf of their clients. We use a contingency fee arrangement in our representation of all of our personal injury clients, meaning that we do not collect any legal fees unless we successfully recover on your behalf. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please call our office today at 312-583-9500.


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